Saturday, 24 May 2014

Beautiful BBC Documentary on Fermat's Last Theorem

The BBC has put up some of its best Horizon documentaries online to watch again.

I would recommend everyone to watch the beautifully made, and at times, emotional documentary on Fermat's Last Theorem and Andrew Wiles' jounrey to crack it.

The BBC does a fantastic job of giving us a taste of the stunning simplicity of the Theorem, the intricate battles of mind and will to prise open insights and make connections across the fields of mathematics, and the very human travails. The story of a quiet unassuming man who hid a determination and passion to solve the deceptively simple Theorem that had eludes so many for so long.

Inspiring! I'd recommend all students watch it!

If you can't receive IPlayer, because you're outside the UK, there's a version on YouTube too: